Booking an Engagement Session and FAQs...

"I'd like to book an engagement session!"

Wonderful! Simply contact me by the contact link above or Let me know the date you would like to book so I can check if it's available. There is no retainer due before the session so please let me know 1-2 weeks before your session if you need to cancel.

"What is the best time of day too book my session?"

A few hours before sunset or just after sunrise offers the best light. Beautiful lighting makes all the difference. Bright light at high noon can cause harsh shadows on the face. It's also hard to keep your eyes open facing the sun. Soft lighting will result in those dreamy golden photos. It's also important to pick a time of day best for the location. Busy spots such as the beach might be best captured in the early morning before crowds arrive.

"Is it okay if we aren't available at that time?"

Of course! I've captured many beautiful sessions and weddings in the middle of the day in bright light. However, it is nice to not be limited on posing or spots because of harsh light. On the flip side, well lit places like theme parks or downtown locations make for gorgeous night photos!

"What if it rains?"

In Florida, it rains almost everyday. I suggest (but do not require) when booking to also suggest a rain date. A little bit of rain can actually enhance the session if you embrace it! Surprisingly, photos actually turn out better with overcast skies than a bright sunny day. However, if the weather forecast is obviously too intense, I do suggest to reschedule. 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

"Where should the photo session take place?"

The photo shoot should also take place somewhere meaningful to you and your fiancé. Maybe it's the farmer's market where you spend your weekends. Maybe it's the park where he proposed. Maybe it's at your favorite beach. Or maybe it's just a beautiful garden location that you both agree is beautiful. Wherever you choose, let it be a place that you will look back on fondly. 

"What if the location requires tickets?"

Some locations may charge for parking or admission. Please note that all costs for the photographer and client's admission/parking must be covered by the client. (However, parking/ticket cost is not required for me for Walt Disney World.)

"What should I bring?"

A bag with a comfortable strap to hold your things such as your cell phone or wallet so you don't have bulky pockets. Water! Walking around in the heat while kissing and smiling all day can make you thirsty. ;) Chapstick, mini mirror, and make-up for touch-ups are also a good idea. A brush or comb just in case it's a windy day. A pair of comfortable shoes if you are wearing heels and/or if there is a lot of walking.

"What should we wear?"

My best advice is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Couples also look great when they wear complimenting colors. Pinterest is also wonderful for finding outfit ideas and suggestions!

"Should we book a regular session or a half session?"

It's up to you! More time = more photos to choose from. I will say that an hour flies by very quickly. If you have 2 or even 3 outfits I would suggest going for the regular session. If you do not have multiple locations or do not need lots of photos to choose from, the half session may be best for you.

"What if our session is at Disney?"

I always suggest the regular session if you pick Disney World as your location. For example: A half (one hour) session at Disney World is long enough to capture photos on Main Street, at the castle, park entrance, hub grass area, and around the sides and back of the castle. If we work very quickly we may be able to sneak in another spot! A regular session (up to 2 hours) allows us to travel to more than one park/resort or around every spot you like in a park. It may also allow time to hop on a ride or two!

Also: Please keep in mind when selecting Disney World as your location that it is a (very magical!) theme park. We cannot get in the way of any guests or disturb the park in any way. Disney World is also different every single day. Meaning, every session will be different! This gives us the amazing opportunity to have a completely unique session. For example: At a recent Disney World session, a couple and I were just about to board a ride for photos when it was suddenly closed down because of nearby lightening! We were disappointed but headed to the castle as it suddenly got dark and began to rain. Before leaving the park after being rained out, we were able to capture the most magical photos behind the castle in the rain! I certainly plan every detail of my sessions but if you are easy going with what's going on in the park that day, we will be able to capture magical one-of-a-kind photos! 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

"What happens after our session?"

After your session, I get right to work on your photos! Every photo is personally custom edited one-by-one so it takes a little bit of time. After two weeks, you will receive a link to your album. You can also view and download all the images right from the album online.

"How can I get my photos printed?"

You can order prints right from your album online!

"Can I make prints elsewhere?"

Of course! Your session includes printing rights which means you can order prints elsewhere. Please note Jennifer O’Donnell Photography is not liable for print quality, cropping, coloring, etc. of any photos not printed directly through Photo quality is only guaranteed through photos purchased directly through me. My prints are of the highest quality inks and papers. Prints made elsewhere may not be true to the photos actual colors. 

"Can I share my photos online?"

Yes, please! I love when my clients share their photos with family and friends. Recognition to Jennifer O’Donnell Photography is always appreciated when publishing photos such as sharing on social media.

If you have already scheduled a session, thank you so much and I look forward to working with you! :)

If you have not yet booked a session, thank you for considering! I hope I can answer any questions you may have and hope to work with you in the future!

For any additional questions or comments, please contact me at:

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